Logo Design – do you need a professional one?

Just how important is a professionally created logo for your business?….we would say very important!

A professionally designed logo will be the starting point for your business, it will set the tone for almost everything in the future for your business including your business stationery (letterheads, compliments slips), business cards that you hand out to clients and prospective clients,  social media ie Facebook, LinkedIn, flyers and brochures, your vehicle signage (if applicable) so every time your van or car drives around your local town and area, you are effectively getting free advertising as potentially thousands of people will see your branding – if nondescript or even worse no branding then you cannot reach these people!

Yes you can quite possibly have a go at designing your own logo but remember, especially if trading in the business to business environment, that this logo/branding may be the first thing a prospective client sees of your business – if homemade and unprofessional looking this may unfortunately, reflect the quality of your business service and plant doubts (unfounded) in their heads!

So what exactly makes a logo a logo?… A logo can be anything from a simple but distinctive choice of font and colour ie think about some of the big companies Nike, Coco Cola, M&S, Twitter, Facebook etc – none of these involve any complex illustrations but are instantly recognizable.  We sometimes find some of our clients feel they have to have a complex detailed illustration of more than one object, which usually does not work as it is over complex – think about how something too detailed would work when scaled down or put onto corporate clothing or gifts such as pens – they just will not work!

What colour to choose for your logo?… This will depend on a number of factors, such as what business type/service you offer, for example if you were a funeral director it would be unlikely (though not impossible) you would want to use a Barbie pink colour!Certain colours can instantly reflect/portray a business type ie shades of green are often associated with natural, organic, growth, environment, earthy, so may be used for a organic based or environmental business while the colour blue (liked by males a lot!) can represent medical, technology, progress, smart so may be used as an example for a dental or IT, Engineering business.

So we would advise that you initially have a good think about your business type and if your chosen colour is appropriate for your business. Of course once you have chosen your colour(s) you then need to think about all the different shades of that colour ie a Navy Blue would be good for a corporate business while a Baby Blue may work well for a baby related business! Sometimes you will not have any idea or direction for colours – we would then recommend you turn to your favourite colour (most people have one!) and we can help you find the appropriate shade to best represent your business.

We have been designing logos for clients for nearly 10 years now and offer a range of logo design packages from the basic to the full comprehensive branding package.

You can view a small selection of logo designs by Poppy Design here and it you would like to discuss your project please get in touch.

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